How to open a new school in Haryana

Education in Haryana is developing rapidly along with the other developments in the state. The capital of Chandigarh, cities like Gurgaon, Ambala and others are rapidly expanding with developments in technology. IT and other organizations are prominent in cities like Gurgaon and this causes people from other places to migrate here with families. As a result, education takes a leap too.

In Haryana, education is primarily managed by the Department of Elementary Education and the Board of School Education, Haryana. Elementary education deals with primary education while the Board of School Education deals with secondary education. The elementary education board works on providing free compulsory education to students of 6-14 years of age. Apart from the State board, Haryana also has schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and other boards and councils. International schools are mushrooming in large numbers too.


If you need to understand, how to open a school in Haryana, you need to plan your goal. You can follow the broad process described below:


  • Target the city where you plan to start a school and decide the zone or locality. Study the education scenario and school networks in the State. Developing cities offer more scope in such cases.
  • The next step is to decide the type of affiliation that you wish to go in for. Market research, capital investment and the process of affiliation is the key to this goal. You can hire professional advice to understand the intricacies of the affiliation processes for various boards.
  • Do not forget to read the latest updates introduced by the education department of the state. For example, there has been an amendment in the norms for recognition in the Haryana School Education Rules in 2009 whereby, no schools will be allowed to run as unrecognized schools from the academic year 2013-14. The provisional affiliations have been retained.


Once you have arrived at a decision of starting your school at a particular location and with a defined affiliation, you can begin with further preparations:


  • Form a society or a trust and get it registered. This is a fundamental requirement in the process to start a school.
  • Work on preparation of the capital. This includes money, property, infrastructure and other capital investments. Every board has its own requirements that you need to study beforehand. For example, if you are keen on opening a CBSE school, you need to understand how to start a CBSE school in Haryana specifically.
  • Enlist the norms, procedure, NOCs and various permissions to start a school in Haryana. Every state has slightly different requirements based on the rules laid down by the education department.
  • Once you are through with these sanctions, you can get in touch with the school and produce all the NOCs and sanctions.
  • Based on the requirements of the board, you need to prepare the school set up, the staff recruitment, the detailed infrastructure, curriculum and other things.


As a new school, you need to be set for periodic inspections by the board and state departments. In most cases, you may have to start with the provisional affiliation and then set in for a permanent one.

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How to set up a school in Kerala

 We are education consultants and help you to open a school in Kerala. Our panel of experienced professionals guides you to cover various stages of school set up and approvals.

The State of Kerala is well known to have the highest rate of literacy in the country. The popular schools in the State are the English or Malayalam medium schools run by the State Government or those affiliated to the CBSE or ICSE boards.

If you wish to understand how to set up a new school in Kerala, you need to understand the procedure, legal requirements, and permissions. Similarly, you need to understand the process to start a CBSE school with the CBSE Affiliation procedures.

The Department of Education in Kerala controls the process of opening a new school. You need to submit the application of opening the school in the prescribed format and along with the enclosures to the District educational officer of the area. The Director reviews the application and then forwards them to the State Government. The final decision is at the discretion of the Government.


  • Along with the documentation, a financial guarantee needs to be submitted too. This amount depends on various terms and conditions laid down by the Government. The list of documents that need to be submitted with the application can be listed as follows:
  • Receipt of the application fees
  • Blue print of the school site
  • Sketch of the proposed location along with the network of neighboring schools
  • Declaration of first installment payment guarantee
  • Purchase or lease deed of the plot and school buildings, in case the building is to be raised, then the approved plan
  • Guarantee of continuation of State Board
  • Application is to be submitted by the Educational Agency wherein the members can be verified by a background check
  • Guarantee of utilizing the fees amount for the school welfare and development


After this submission, the Government verifies the application and documents and grants the permission on the terms and conditions applicable. There are various norms for new schools, preschools, primary schools, extension of existing schools and schools related to other boards.

Along with the Government approval, you need to follow the affiliation process too. Each board or council has its own norms for infrastructure, staff recruitment, training, admission procedures, curriculum and administration. They have their own verification norms, inspection visits and checks. Some of them overlap those of the Government approvals so your efforts may be reduced.

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How to set up a School in Uttar Pradesh ( UP ) India

Uttar Pradesh represents the State that has a rich heritage of education. Since the historic times, several cultures have brought in treasures of knowledge and education that persist even today. In case of higher education, Uttar Pradesh has numerous renowned universities like the IITs, IIM, BHU and so on. As a result education in Uttar Pradesh is perceived in a positive way. Schools in this state are affiliated either to the UP State Board or to CBSE, ICSE or the International Boards.

If you are planning to start a school in Uttar Pradesh, you have various options like preschool, Montessori school, the primary and secondary school having a 10+2 pattern, residential school and so on. You can decide they type of school and the type of affiliation that you wish to go in for. The State Government is encouraging free and compulsory education for primary children under RTE. As an unaided school, you need to find out the latest status of the norms for this policy.

Once you have decided the type of school, the type of affiliation and the city and locality where you want to start your business venture, you can follow the steps listed below that describe the procedure to open CBSE or other school in Uttar Pradesh:

Creating the Management team – You can form a board, Society or Trust and register the same under the Societies Registration Act. This

will be helpful as it is mandatory for private schools. This can help you for affiliation as well. The board members can be investors or those who are experienced in academics and education.

Site Location: If you do not own a land and plan to buy one or opt for lease, you need to show the location and its purpose to the education department and the Government officials. You may also buy a ready to use property or construct one on the land that you own. In any case, your documents need to be clear and without any complications.

Planning your budget: Work on the investment essential to set up a school. This will involve various heads like equipment, affiliation fees, staff recruitment, infrastructure, and so on. Depending on the type of school, it can range from few lacs to few crores.

Approval Procedures: Permissions, NOCs and approvals for various procedures and assets from the UP government and the local Municipal Corporation are required. These documents and those from the Department of Education need to be submitted for the affiliation process.

Receive Government recognition: Register your school with the required State and city authorities. You can get the recognition for various classes based on the rules laid by the State Government. Getting sanctions from various departments like Health is also important.

Affiliation: Armed with all this material, you can apply for affiliation from the desired board by following their process. This is a time consuming process and even after affiliation you need to coordinate to set up the school and curriculum.

Once you are all set, you can promote your school through various marketing strategies. Tap your potential customers to convince them for admissions to your school.

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Procedure to start a school in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a state that has numerous cities where education is prominent. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and many more have well established network of schools, colleges and universities that provide best education. People from other states are seen moving in to these cities not only for jobs but to gain education.

Coming to schools and pre schools, Maharashtra has small and large schools that are affiliated to the State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IB and so on. These schools provide an innovative curriculum and other facilities like after school programs, day care facilities and other stuff. Urban areas and even small cities have pre-primary and higher schools with latest facilities.

To understand how to start a school in Maharashtra, you need to understand the living style and demography of the city where you plan to start your school. In small cities and towns, a school with adequate facilities can suffice. However, in top tier cities where the standard and cost of living is high and where the working population is more, you need to provide several add-ons. Pre-primary schools have facilities like Mother Toddler programs, after school programs and so on. Primary and secondary schools have extra-curricular coaching and other facilities.

Once you have chosen the city, research the education pattern there and decide on the type of affiliation. If you have already designated an area where you have your site ready, to set up a school, you can decide the affiliation based on the existing schools and the demand in that area. For example, and IT hub has the population that prefers international boards or the ICSE curriculum. The next step is to follow the sequence of steps for the required affiliation:


  • When planning to start a new school, understand the requirements of the affiliation. Go through the process documentation in detail and note down the mandatory sanctions and formalities that are essential for the affiliation.
  • The legal requirements, license, norms, and procedure to start a school in Maharashtra are not too rigid but they are strict and need to be complied too. The Municipal Corporation, education department and health department play an important role in various sanctions for your school.
  • Various affiliations have their own set of requirements of capital, Trust/Society registrations, capital investments, curriculum, and school planning.
  • They have their norms for staff requirement, recruitment, academic calendars and other administrative and academic processes.


All these requirements can be taken up once you decide the type of affiliation. For example, if you plan to go in for the CBSE board, you need to understand how to open CBSE school in Maharashtra. However, as mentioned above, just setting up a school in this state is not enough.

Competition in academics is tough and if you need success in the long run, you need to put in efforts today. Study your competitors and the facilities and activities they offer. Sports, academics, extra-curricular are equally important today. This can be done when you plan a complete curriculum by considering the facilities offered by the affiliated board and putting in some on your own.

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How to set up a school in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India gives a tough competition in education to the major cities and metros. Bangalore hosts a variety of industries including IT, has a lot of higher educational institutions and research institutes. The school education in Bangalore is believed to have a high standard and hence parents who relocate for work to this city prefer to take the families along.

The schools in Bangalore are those affiliated to the State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and NIOS. If you wish to understand the process of how to start a school in Bangalore, you need to understand the city and its lifestyle. In the recent past, the Karnataka government had planned to restrict the number of private schools in the State. You need to understand the status of this decision and get to know the criteria to open granted and non-granted schools and get them approved. Though there are schools of various mediums in this city, the popular ones are those of the English medium.

To open a new school in Bangalore, you need to follow the procedure, permissions, norms, and rules to start a new school. You need to decide the affiliation that you wish to opt for and also ensure that you can justify the approval. Similarly, you need to relate the type of school to the area or location that you have selected for the school. For example, the areas where there is a concentration of IT companies or those that are highly urbanized will require a higher investment and a well equipped school. As you go to towards the suburbs, the calculations change to some extent. Bangalore is known for a high cost of living and property costs soar high too. Hence you need to work on the finances.


Once you have planned the property and the proposed business plan, you can work on the approvals from the Municipal authorities, Education departments of the State and other NOCs. You can also think of getting grants for your school as it can be beneficial in the long run. Before that you need to get a Society or a Trust registered. This is required to start a CBSE school / ICSE or any other school in Bangalore. With this documentation, you can approach the Board or Council for the affiliation process. For every Board, there is a series of steps involved and you need to be meticulous to avoid rejection at any stage. In most of the cases, it may be a provisional affiliation, but that changes to a permanent one in due course of time. Depending on the level of your school and requirement of the Board, you can plan the staff strength, detail infrastructure set up, equipment, detailed curriculum and academic plans.


The last stage is that of marketing and advertising to get admissions. We are education consultants. We provide professional services to open a school. Our team also provides assistance in planning curriculum, setting up academic calendars and getting affiliations.

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How to start a cbse school / icse school in Karnataka

Karnataka State has a high literacy rate of 75%. It hosts several renowned educational institutes like IIS. The schools in this State are either run by the Government or are private that are aided or unaided. The boards constitute the State Board, CBSE, ICSE or NIOS board. Karnataka schools have medium of instruction as English or the local language that is Kannada. With several major cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum and so on, Karnataka has been a source of occupation to several people. Being rich in fertility of land and mineral resources, there are several modes of occupations for which people stay on in various parts. As a result, school education has held its roots firmly amidst the large population.

To understand how to open a school in Karnataka, you first need to decide if you want to proceed with an aided or unaided school and need to know the formalities to apply for Government aid. Secondly you also need to plan if you wish to opt for the State Board or a CBSE school / ICSE school in Karnataka. You can even plan an IB school if you have selected a major city as your location.

The broad procedure to open a school in Karnataka is as given below:

The Department of Public Instruction in Karnataka controls the opening and managing of schools in Karnataka. The Government supports initiatives of free and compulsory primary education and free meals for primary children.

To open a new school, you need to submit an application form before the designated deadline along with the following list of documents:

  • Details of the site or location of the prospective school
  • Details of the schools in the surroundings and the student strength they have
  • NOCs from the neighboring schools
  • Demand draft for a prescribed amount
  • Property mortgage or evidence of a definite amount as a guarantee
  • Undertaking if the school is going to be a permanent non grant school or if the school will be a State Board school
  • Trust deed and details of the Trust or Society
  • Staff recruitment plan in detail
  • In case of State board school, the details of admissions with respect to reservations
  • Details of playgrounds, sanitary and drinking water facilities for the school


After these submissions, there are visits and inspections too. In case of the CBSE or ICSE schools, they require various permissions, licenses, Government NOCs. You need to follow the rules of the board and the Government and simultaneously follow up with both to ensure that you get through with the approvals.

Based on the trend in your city and the type of school you are opening, you can plan the facilities and extra offers in your school. We are education consultants and offer systematic guidance for opening a school in Karnataka.  We are school consultants for starting ICSE Schools, / open a new CBSE School,  pre primary, International School IB School, IGCSE Schools.

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how to open a cbse school / icse school in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the major cities in India. It has been known as the cities of pearls as it has been a major pearl trading center. However, other than that, Hyderabad also has renowned educational institutes, research centers and is a growing IT hub.

This has led to the development of education in this city. Schools in Hyderabad are of various types. You have the State Board schools, and those affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and the international boards. The State Board schools are managed by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary education. Along with English, you have Hindi, Urdu and Telugu medium schools that are affiliated to the State Board.

If you are planning to start open a school in Hyderabad, you have a broad choice of affiliation. As Hyderabad has a mix population of the working and the traditional class, you can go in for a State Board school or for CBSE or other affiliation as well. After Telangana has emerged as an independent state, Hyderabad has been a part of this new region. However, presently, education is controlled by the education department of Andhra Pradesh. The procedure described below helps you understand how to start a CBSE school / ICSE school/State Board school in Hyderabad.

To proceed with the formalities of opening a school in this city, you need to cover some mandatory steps irrespective of the board:

  • Forming a Trust or a Society and getting it registered in the local registration office is a mandatory requirement. Since a school is a non-profit business, the profit derived from it needs to be included under the Society head.
  • You also require the lease or purchase documentation for the land and the constructed property intended for the school. Various affiliations have their own set of requirements regarding property and infrastructure. Depending on the affiliation that you have opted for, you can prepare yourself.
  • Before you approach the board or council for the affiliation, you need to be prepared for the permissions, Government NOCs, and conversant with the rules to start a new school in Hyderabad. Enlist the approvals and NOCs from the local authorities, education departments and health department. In Hyderabad, you need to approach the Municipal Corporation of the city and the education department of AP or Telangana as applicable.
  • As you cover the tasks listed on your business plan and communicate with the authorities of the city and the board, you can simultaneously work on resource planning, business strategies and academics. In a city like Hyderabad where you have a variety of classes of the population, you need to design your strategy for marketing and advertising. As a school, your customers are located within a defined radius of distance.
  • Based on the class of customers and the type of school, you can provide add-on services as well. For example, if you are located near an IT hub and are planning for a preschool affiliated to an International board, you need to provide top class facilities. However, a State Board secondary school in a conservative location needs to be adequately equipped with a balance of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We are icse and cbse affiliation consultants in India providing guidance for starting a school. Our expert guidance helps you with the procedure to start a school in Hyderabad. We offer school consultancy services and assist in advising for rules, board affiliations, curriculum design, staff training, requirements, process, steps to start a new school. We are also expert consultants for starting a day care creche, Nursery, pre primary, preschool franchise, after school programmes in Hyderabad.
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Starting a school in andhra pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh is developing fast and so is the school education here. Presently, the state has schools affiliated to the State Board, CBSE and ICSE. The major cities in Andhra Pradesh constitute Vishakhapatnam, Guntur, Vijaywada, Anantpur and others. There is considerable scope for starting schools in prospective cities in this state.

If you plan to open a school in Andhra Pradesh, you need to understand the procedure to start a school. It depends on whether you plan to start a pre-primary school, primary or a 10+2 school. Following is a list of steps that need to be followed if you are planning to start a new school in Andhra Pradesh:

  • Considering the type of business school that you plan to start, design a business proposal. Find out the cost of land, property, lease and other infrastructure and create a budget plan. For all this, you need to be aware of the requirements that go in for the type of affiliation that you are preparing for.
  • Once you are confident of the validity of your business plan, go ahead and register the society or trust that is required. This documentation needs to go in for the sanctions by the Government and the affiliation as well.
  • If you are short of money, you can apply for funding from NGOs, banks and financial institutions.
  • If you plan to start a school other than State Board, you need to go through the norms, permissions, Rules and regulations to start CBSE School / ICSE School in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Accordingly, you need to follow the process to get the NOCs from various departments of the Government.
  • Based on the requirements of the affiliation, design a plan for resources, infrastructure, curriculum, admission and academic plans and so on. You may have to go through various approvals from the affiliating board. There may be things like provisional affiliations and inspections by the board officials.
  • Once you are through with all the approvals, you can device the marketing strategy plan.
  • Marketing involves advertising your school brand, planning your admissions and counseling your customers.
  • Based on the city where you are opening a school, you need to develop the advertising and marketing strategies.

When you are planning a school venture in Andhra Pradesh, ensure that you are aware of the education scenario of the city that you select for the school. Based on the living style and expectations of the parents and the functioning of the other schools there, you can develop your business plan too. We are educare consultants and provide professional help to open a school in major cities in India. We also provide assistance in developing curriculum and academic plans. We can help you if you want to start / open a new CBSE School,  ICSE School, K12, primary, International School, IB School, IGCSE School in India.

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