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How can I start corporate day care centre in India ?

Start a corporate day care business Franchise in India

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As nuclear families are now more seen in India, and working parents, the day care business has flourished to get kids secured at good day care center. Day care centers are usually of 3 types in India:
Day cares attached to and managed by preschools. This day care are managed by the school itself
Professional day cares: Those set up at exclusive locations with all the amenities and professional staff members.
Day cares at home: Non-commercial day cares set up at home by housewives. This are in commercial areas and near your residence.
So, now that you are planning to start corporate day care, you need to consider the follows:
Since, it is a business venture, you need to name and register it. You need to acquire a shop act license for the same. If you have ample space, you can design a great infrastructure with a playroom, small library and even a small garden to get more number of students and more work like professional though at home. However, if the space is restricted, you can set up the rooms with storage for bags, toys, books, sleeping bunks and so on. You can start initially by hiring a single domestic help and then work on the labor strength after you get a good response.
You need to decide the Start a Daycare at Home in India age groups that you prefer. Some day cares allow babies from 3 months and above while others take care of new-born as well. Accordingly, you need to make arrangements and plan the timings as well. Once you are set with the preparations, you can advertise by circulating information. The best way to market you day care business is through public relations. You need to be prepared to counsel parents and answer their queries satisfactorily. Parents can be skeptical as they trust you with their angels.
Along with space, parents are also keen about the facilities provided. This includes food, bathing for babies, an attached tuition for older kids and so on.
Investment of time and money: Plan the schedule of the day care carefully. In big cities, the work schedule and travel time for parents is hectic and hence the hours can spill over. In such cases, they look for day cares that provide more time and less rigidity. Considering the time and the number of kids, you may require domestic help. You are even required to drop and collect the kids from the school transport at the nearest stop.
Though parents are expected to manage the illness of the kid, there may be an emergency where you need to get in touch with the parents and if required, take the kid to the doctor suggested. An assistant is always required at such times.
Decide your customers: When you start a day care, you need to juggle with your personal and professional schedule. If you have a baby or school going kids, you need to give time at home and for the kids at the day care too. Decide the intake of kids for the day care accordingly. You need to give lot of patience and love to those kids as well. You also need to decide the age groups and number of kids in age group and stick to the figure.
Add-ons: Parents in India are very keen on the overall development of kids today. If you can introduce some add-on program specific to various age groups, it will impress the parents. You can hire help and plan activity sessions like music, learning games and others for kids of different ages.
Business Plan
If you are planning to start a preschool or playschool, it is first recommended that a business plan be prepared. The business plan for a preschool should comprise of the details:
How many children you will cater to?
Business Mode: Day care, preschool, playschool with afterschool activities, crèche etc.
How many teaching, admin and support staff you need to hire?
Funds required for renting, leasing, vehicles, salaries, equipments etc.
Location and space.
Indoor and outdoor area.
If the business will be full time or part time.
Registrations & Licenses
State Government have enacted laws like the “Private School Education Acts” which regulate the operations of a school. Therefore, prior to starting a preschool or school, it is important for the Promoters to know about the State Education Act and play to obtain the relevant registrations.
Preschools can be setup as a for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise. If the promoters wish to operate the preschool as a for-profit enterprise, then it is advisable to incorporate a private limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership. In case the promoters wish to operate the preschool as a not-for-profit enterprise, then a Section 8 Company or a Trust can be registered.
Service Tax Applicability for Schools
Once the school begins operations, compliance with tax regulations must be maintained. Each year, income tax on the profits of the preschool may be applicable based on the type of entity established by the promoters (viz., for profit or not for profit).
However, service tax is not applicable for a school as it is included in the negative list. The following items are a part of the service tax negative list and thus exempt from service tax:
Pre-school education and education upto higher secondary school or equivalent;
Education as a part of a curriculum for obtaining a qualification recognized by any law for the time being in force;
Education as a part of an approved vocational education course;”