How to set up a school in Kerala

 We are education consultants and help you to open a school in Kerala. Our panel of experienced professionals guides you to cover various stages of school set up and approvals.

The State of Kerala is well known to have the highest rate of literacy in the country. The popular schools in the State are the English or Malayalam medium schools run by the State Government or those affiliated to the CBSE or ICSE boards.

If you wish to understand how to set up a new school in Kerala, you need to understand the procedure, legal requirements, and permissions. Similarly, you need to understand the process to start a CBSE school with the CBSE Affiliation procedures.

The Department of Education in Kerala controls the process of opening a new school. You need to submit the application of opening the school in the prescribed format and along with the enclosures to the District educational officer of the area. The Director reviews the application and then forwards them to the State Government. The final decision is at the discretion of the Government.


  • Along with the documentation, a financial guarantee needs to be submitted too. This amount depends on various terms and conditions laid down by the Government. The list of documents that need to be submitted with the application can be listed as follows:
  • Receipt of the application fees
  • Blue print of the school site
  • Sketch of the proposed location along with the network of neighboring schools
  • Declaration of first installment payment guarantee
  • Purchase or lease deed of the plot and school buildings, in case the building is to be raised, then the approved plan
  • Guarantee of continuation of State Board
  • Application is to be submitted by the Educational Agency wherein the members can be verified by a background check
  • Guarantee of utilizing the fees amount for the school welfare and development


After this submission, the Government verifies the application and documents and grants the permission on the terms and conditions applicable. There are various norms for new schools, preschools, primary schools, extension of existing schools and schools related to other boards.

Along with the Government approval, you need to follow the affiliation process too. Each board or council has its own norms for infrastructure, staff recruitment, training, admission procedures, curriculum and administration. They have their own verification norms, inspection visits and checks. Some of them overlap those of the Government approvals so your efforts may be reduced.

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