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how to open a cbse school / icse school in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the major cities in India. It has been known as the cities of pearls as it has been a major pearl trading center. However, other than that, Hyderabad also has renowned educational institutes, research centers and is a growing IT hub.

This has led to the development of education in this city. Schools in Hyderabad are of various types. You have the State Board schools, and those affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and the international boards. The State Board schools are managed by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary education. Along with English, you have Hindi, Urdu and Telugu medium schools that are affiliated to the State Board.

If you are planning to start open a school in Hyderabad, you have a broad choice of affiliation. As Hyderabad has a mix population of the working and the traditional class, you can go in for a State Board school or for CBSE or other affiliation as well. After Telangana has emerged as an independent state, Hyderabad has been a part of this new region. However, presently, education is controlled by the education department of Andhra Pradesh. The procedure described below helps you understand how to start a CBSE school / ICSE school/State Board school in Hyderabad.

To proceed with the formalities of opening a school in this city, you need to cover some mandatory steps irrespective of the board:

  • Forming a Trust or a Society and getting it registered in the local registration office is a mandatory requirement. Since a school is a non-profit business, the profit derived from it needs to be included under the Society head.
  • You also require the lease or purchase documentation for the land and the constructed property intended for the school. Various affiliations have their own set of requirements regarding property and infrastructure. Depending on the affiliation that you have opted for, you can prepare yourself.
  • Before you approach the board or council for the affiliation, you need to be prepared for the permissions, Government NOCs, and conversant with the rules to start a new school in Hyderabad. Enlist the approvals and NOCs from the local authorities, education departments and health department. In Hyderabad, you need to approach the Municipal Corporation of the city and the education department of AP or Telangana as applicable.
  • As you cover the tasks listed on your business plan and communicate with the authorities of the city and the board, you can simultaneously work on resource planning, business strategies and academics. In a city like Hyderabad where you have a variety of classes of the population, you need to design your strategy for marketing and advertising. As a school, your customers are located within a defined radius of distance.
  • Based on the class of customers and the type of school, you can provide add-on services as well. For example, if you are located near an IT hub and are planning for a preschool affiliated to an International board, you need to provide top class facilities. However, a State Board secondary school in a conservative location needs to be adequately equipped with a balance of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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