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How to set up a school in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India gives a tough competition in education to the major cities and metros. Bangalore hosts a variety of industries including IT, has a lot of higher educational institutions and research institutes. The school education in Bangalore is believed to have a high standard and hence parents who relocate for work to this city prefer to take the families along.

The schools in Bangalore are those affiliated to the State Board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and NIOS. If you wish to understand the process of how to start a school in Bangalore, you need to understand the city and its lifestyle. In the recent past, the Karnataka government had planned to restrict the number of private schools in the State. You need to understand the status of this decision and get to know the criteria to open granted and non-granted schools and get them approved. Though there are schools of various mediums in this city, the popular ones are those of the English medium.

To open a new school in Bangalore, you need to follow the procedure, permissions, norms, and rules to start a new school. You need to decide the affiliation that you wish to opt for and also ensure that you can justify the approval. Similarly, you need to relate the type of school to the area or location that you have selected for the school. For example, the areas where there is a concentration of IT companies or those that are highly urbanized will require a higher investment and a well equipped school. As you go to towards the suburbs, the calculations change to some extent. Bangalore is known for a high cost of living and property costs soar high too. Hence you need to work on the finances.


Once you have planned the property and the proposed business plan, you can work on the approvals from the Municipal authorities, Education departments of the State and other NOCs. You can also think of getting grants for your school as it can be beneficial in the long run. Before that you need to get a Society or a Trust registered. This is required to start a CBSE school / ICSE or any other school in Bangalore. With this documentation, you can approach the Board or Council for the affiliation process. For every Board, there is a series of steps involved and you need to be meticulous to avoid rejection at any stage. In most of the cases, it may be a provisional affiliation, but that changes to a permanent one in due course of time. Depending on the level of your school and requirement of the Board, you can plan the staff strength, detail infrastructure set up, equipment, detailed curriculum and academic plans.


The last stage is that of marketing and advertising to get admissions. We are education consultants. We provide professional services to open a school. Our team also provides assistance in planning curriculum, setting up academic calendars and getting affiliations.

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